Planning a Wedding Anniversary Party

Helpful Suggestions for Your Wedding Anniversary Party Planning Celebrating any wedding anniversary is a time for the married couple to consider reaffirming their wedding vows and to generally reminisce about the past. And, it calls for a party to honor of the blissful couple, regardless of the anniversary milestone, and, after deciding on a theme, […]

10 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries always add a special chapter to your life; it is the day when you became one from two. Make sure you do something special this anniversary with the following unique ideas. It promises to add an interesting angle to your married life. Are you ready to spice up things in your relationship? 1. It […]

Happy Anniversary to Us

I met my husband about 45 years ago. He had walked into the cafĂ© where I worked, asked a friend out for a date, I accompanied another guy, and then when there was a chance, we switched dates. Something magical existed from the outset, something that has continued to grow over the years. Today we […]

Gifting A Cake For An Anniversary

There are special occasions in an individual’s life which calls for celebration. They could be birthdays of a family member or close friend, the date a house was bought, first romantic date, first anniversary of marriage – they are best known as milestones in life etc. The gift should be such that the concerned person […]